Dickins Hydro Resources

Our Experience

Our experienced management team co-ordinate the necessary planning consents and licence agreements for the works and electricity export, as well as buying the piping, turbine and generator. Importantly, ensuring all are ordered ahead of time, for arrival on site when required. In addition, to the work directly effecting the hydro construction, we can undertake a number of other Civil Engineering works from road improvements to large scale bridge building to facilitate the arrival of turbines, generators and pipes for the scheme and to create service access. In short, we manage the whole works program from water to wire.

Powerhouse construction, as with the whole project, will take into consideration the natural beauty of the glen; possibly being designed to be buried and contoured to be as inconspicuous as possible. Inside, it necessary to suppress noise, as well as providing significant ventilation to ensure a cool air temperature for the control system to operate effectively.

The final stages include the installation of the generator, control systems and the transformer, thus energizing the scheme ready for electricity production and export.

During a project it may be necessary for our team to discuss boundary issues as well as lease agreements, set up companies and negotiate the sale of the electricity to be generated.